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Kirin J Callinan Prudence Upton (2)

Kirin J Callinan woos Sydney Festival crowd in The Aurora tent

Written by Garrett Bithell on . Posted in FESTIVALS, MUSIC

Certainly not afraid to push the limits, local artist Kirin J Callinan makes raw pop music that is fast gaining traction around the world. His debut album Embracism showcases innovative songwriting built around jagged guitars and snarling vocals, and he is arguably one of the most important musicians in Australia right now. Abrasive, surreal and chaotic, Callinan’s Sydney Festival 2015 gig at The Aurora tent on January 15 was a thrilling experience.
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Milk of human cruelty… Philip Ridley’s The Fastest Clock in the Universe gets Midsumma Festival outing

Written by Garrett Bithell on . Posted in FESTIVALS, THEATRE

“We are all as bad as each other. All hungry little cannibals at our own cannibal party. So fuck the milk of human kindness and welcome to the abattoir!” Melbourne’s Four Letter Word Theatre is taking on Philip Ridley’s searing play, The Fastest Clock in the Universe, for Midsumma. Director Robert Chuter speaks to Garrett Bithell.

VINTAGE VALKYRIES: CULT’s take on summer festival fashion

Written by Garrett Bithell on . Posted in FEATURES, FESTIVALS, MUSIC

It is often said that festivals are the platform on which the greatest artistic risks should be taken. However this applies not only to programming, but fashion. All over the world, festivals from Burning Man to Glastonbury are a sublime showcase of singular sartorial expression. Daring, vivid and theatrical, these festival Valkyries remind us of what fashion should be all about: personal iconography, not banal trends.
The Redline Productions team: (from left) Andrew Henry, Vanessa Wright and Sean Hawkins

There’s new blood at Sydney’s beloved Old Fitzroy Theatre… Exciting times ahead!

Written by Garrett Bithell on . Posted in FEATURES, THEATRE

After languishing over the past couple of years, one of Sydney’s most beloved independent theatre venues is on the threshold of an exciting new life. Young actors Sean Hawkins and Andrew Henry have banded together with producer Vanessa Wright to bring the Old Fitzroy Hotel theatre back to its former glory as a vital creative hub. Hawkins sits down with Garrett Bithell.
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Written by Garrett Bithell on . Posted in FEATURES, THEATRE

The new artistic management team for the Old Fitz Theatre yesterday announced the first six months’ programming in their 2015 debut season. Red Line Productions, run by actors Sean Hawkins and Andrew Henry along with producer Vanessa Wright, have announced six mainstage plays and four late shows as part one of the season, entitled ‘Reincarnation’.
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